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Head Buckaroo: Doug Vanderby

 Doug is the founding Coach of NTMSC. Coach Doug brings a high degree of leadership, direction, and motivation to the Club. To sum up his coaching philosophy: never use the word "can't" in front of him....

Doug was the recipient of Masters Swimming Canada's 2009 Coaching Excellence Award.

Before becoming a masters swimmer, he had extensive training as an age grouper and won several University titles. He was Ryerson's Male Athlete of the year in 1982. As a masters swimmer, Doug has been Canadian, US and World Champion. Has several Canadian Masters Records in the 50, 100 & 200 Breast, and a prior World Record for his age group in the 100m Breast. As well, he competes at the World Police /Firefighter Games, the second largest sporting event behind the Olympics held every two years and holds several World Records in those swimming events. He is also an avid open water swimmer.

Outside of Masters Swimming, Doug is very much involved in Canadian National Swimming. Doug is a certified NCCP Fundamental Level 1 and trained Level 3 NCCP Swim Coach. He is an Assistant Coach to the University of Toronto Varsity Swim Team - Men's 2012-13, 2013-14, 2015-16, Women's 2015-16 Canadian University Champions. He was Assistant Coach at the University Toronto High Performance Centre 2008 to 2012. Doug surrounds himself with great Mentors.

Doug is a avid cyclist (You want payback from the pool - try going after him on his bike...). A certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Peer Fitness Trainer, certified as a Level 1 Functional Movement Systems Trainer. He has been profiled in the Canadian Million Metre Challenge. and as a Tri Swim Coach at Masters Swimming Canada


Jennifer Button Coach: Jen Button

 Jen is one of the most dynamic Masters Coaches around. The enthusiasm and knowledge she puts into the workouts makes them ones to remember.

Jen entered international waters for Team Canada in 1997 and reached the podium for the first time at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg where she raced to a silver medal in the 200-metre butterfly. Jen went on to qualify for the 2000 Sydney Olympics at age 23 where she finished in the top 20 in both the 100-metre and 200-metre butterfly. She also played a key role in the relay events and was a member of two relays that reached the final, the 4x100m medley relay (6th) and the 2x200m freestyle relay (7th). In 2002, she broke the Canadian 100-metre butterfly record three times and produced bronze medals at the Pan Pacific Championships and Commonwealth Games, the two key international events for Canadian swimmers in 2002. Jen was the first Canadian woman to swim the 100-metre butterfly in under a minute and that stood until the summer of 2006. Recently Jen completed her Masters in Sports Administration in Switzerland, worked with the Canadian Olympic Committee and now is part of UNICEF.


Coach: Dave Ling

Dave joins the NTMSC Family with a lifetime of swimming experience. A swimmer himself for 17 years specializing in the 400, 800, 1500 Free. He represented Canada at the 2000 World Open Water Swimming Championships in the 25km open water race. Dave is a former University of Toronto Varsity Swim Team Captain. His last race of his varsity career, the 1500 free, was one of the most inspiring races in the history of the team, stealing the silver medal in a very rich final. He is currently Head Assistant Coach with the Toronto Swim Club. Dave knows swimming. His workouts are tough. He is tough.


Coach: Judy Garay

 It's interesting how things come in full circle in life.... Judy was Canada's top Breaststroker in the late 70's, where she held the Canadian record and was a member of the 1978 Commonwealth Team. At that time, a lanky 17 year old kid walked into her club, she must of had pity for him, for she took him under her guide and helped him along in the world of competitive swimming and breaststroke. That kid was Coach Doug..... Coach Judy, 2014 World Masters Champion in the 50 Breast, comes to our group was a vast amount of swimming knowledge and calmness. While at U of T doing her first degree, Judy was undefeated in her breaststroke events and voted the Female Athlete of the Year. At the age of 42, she returned to U of T for her teaching degree, made the varsity team and set an unofficial world record in the 50 breast! Never say never to Judy..... 

 Coach: Suzy Simonetti

Great things come in small packages and make very big splashes! Coach Suzy has a extensive technical swimming coaching background. On deck, she is a dynamo, always watching and giving feedback to club members. As well, she is a very established Masters Swimmer. 


      Coach: Sam Yaghmour

Sam is an Open Water Swimming specialist who completes in the FINA Marathon 10Km Swimming World Cup Circuit. Recently he participated at the 2015 World Student Games held in Gwangju, Korea, representing Lebanon in both the open water events and setting a new national record for the 1500 Free in the pool. Sam is currently a member of the University of Toronto Varsity Swim Team and completing his Bachelor of Kinesiology degree with a emphasis on nutrition and athletic performance. Sam brings a very holistic/performance approach to his coaching.


Coach: Warren Barnes

Warren is a former National Team Member and swimmer at the Toronto High Performance Swimming Centre. He is an outstanding breaststroker: 4 time Canadian Breaststroke Champion in the 100 and 200 (he's pretty fast in the 50 as well). Warren has represented Canada at the Pan Pac Championships, World Student Games, Pan Am Games (Placed 4th) and World Championships. He attended University Of Pittsburgh on a full athletic scholarship. Warren brings an extensive knowledge of swimming and coaching to the NTMSC Family. Don't let his laid back style fool you, he's a competitor and knows what it takes to excel in swimming.


  Chief Executive Communications Officer: Chris Smelt

 Chris's positive and upbeat energy is always fun to be around. He's been an avid swimmer from age group (Cornwall Sea Lions) through his Ryerson days in the early 80's (swam on Coach Doug's relay team).  He feels at one with Triathletes and he's done many of them - but very sensibly - he prefers to take transitions at a more leisurely pace - they usually take many months or years to get through.  He eschews all rules regarding racing in - for instance - 'an Ironman' and prefers events like the OUAA championships in 1985 to do the swimming bit...the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour 10 times 1991-2005 for the biking bit and the 2004 Marathon for the running part.

He started at Summerville (as most of us do) with the North Toronto Masters in the summer of 2005 as the 5th Chris and has been trying to keep up since (his favorite phrase being "oh do please lead...").  He made the mistake of writing a little story about a Karaoke event / dinner and sending it out - management found out about it and now his meanderings get posted under the banner 'Roving Reporter' on the flashiest, busiest and most interesting Masters Swimming Website in the World. Then he was caught taking down everyone's e-mail addresses and sending out invites to parties/events etc.  Management perked up again...and here he is now a CECO.


Science and Extreme Human Physiologist: Dr. Greg D. Wells

 Greg is a physiologist with a Ph.D. in exercise and respiratory physiology from the University of Toronto and has had his research accepted for presentation at the International Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Congress. He is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, and a member of the Sport Medicine Advisory Committee for the Canadian Sport Centre. If you watched the Winter and Summer Olympics on CBC/TSN you may have saw him as host of Superbodies... He also recently wrote and had published: 'Superbodies: Peak Performance Secrets From The World's Best Athletes' - check out page 223 ;-)

Greg's role with NTMSC is as a guest speaker involving various swim topics. He also maintains a consulting practice with elite athletes and business executives in the area of physiological performance enhancement. He is a former international competitive swimmer and coach, has won a national championship in water polo, has twice completed the world’s toughest marathon, and in 2003, completed the 10,500 km Tour D’Afrique bike race.


 has swam competitively from the age of 7 and competed at national and international level throughout the years. She won first place in 50 meters Backstroke at the 2009 Canadian Masters Championship. Furthermore, she has been involved in coaching swimming for more than 10 years now and has a very positive presence on deck. She brings an advance technical skill set that is explained in a simplistic way to our newer swimmers. The Club's Triathletes absolutely love her.

is a certified Kinesiology with a special focus on biomechanics and biomechanics of injury in swimming. As well, she holds a master’s degree, M.Sc. in Kinesiology & Health Science in the area of Sport Psychology. Her research focused in the field of training stress and predisposition to athletic injury, she presented at the 12th World Congress of Sport Psychology in Marrakech, Morocco and  at the 41st Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology conference in Toronto.