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Last Updated: August 2016

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North Toronto Masters Swim Club

Why do you want to swim Masters?

Do you want to continue in a sport that you're passionate about... You want the health benefits of swimming... Are you looking for structured workouts... Looking to improve your stroke technique and swim more efficiency... Enjoy being in a group setting striving to achieve your goals with others... Want to be coached by coaches who are very passionate about swimming...

Then we may be the team for you.

We are not a learn to swim program! We are a High Performance Masters Swim Club with High Performance Coaching!! We have a mix of swimmers on the team - ranging from ex-Olympic Team Members, World Masters Record Holders, Pro Tri-athletes and individuals who want better themselves in the sport of swimming - our coaching staff is there to help everyone achieve their goals.

The minimum requirement to join the NTMSC is you must be 20 years of age, be able to swim a set of 4 x 100 @2:20 pace time and  be able to swim 600 metres freestyle non stop. The reason for this requirement is that everyone is at a set minimum standard for the workout written by the Coaches. It also makes the lanes flow smoothly and safely as we progress from Fast to Fastest in each of the lanes.

2016/17 Season starts the week of September 19, 2016 and finishes June 17th, 2017

2016/17 Club membership fees for the upcoming season (Charging HST on any type of physical activity is wrong in so many ways....)

  • North Toronto Memorial Community Centre: $911.00 ($775.25 + $100.75 HST + $35.00 Masters Swim Canada Fees)
  • Havergal College: $750.00 ($632.84 + 82.16 HST + $35.00 Masters Swim Canada Fees)

The fees are up in accordance with yearly pool fee increases.

Returning Members: Previous members and those who swam with the Club over the Summer: e-mail North Toronto Masters Swim Club  for this seasons 2016/2017 membership forms.

New Members: Must contact Head Buckaroo Doug

The North Toronto Masters Swim Club is now in it's 25th year of making waves. We swim out of three locations (two pools are within a 8 minute drive of one another) during the fall, winter and spring. In the Summer, from mid June to late August we offer a drop in swim program in the Beaches.

  • The  North Toronto Memorial Community Centre: A City run 6 lane 25 meter pool located in the center of the City, just west of Yonge & Eglinton at 200 Eglinton Ave. West.

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  • Havergal College: The Private School 6 lane 25 meter pool located at 1451 Avenue Rd, on the corner of Avenue Rd. and Lawrence Ave. West.


  • Donald Summerville Pool: A City run outdoor 50.4 meter/55.2 yards/165.5feet/ (long story) pool located in the east Beaches. This is a Summer Training Camp Drop-in Program


If you are a swimmer or triathlete  who is interested in getting into better swimming shape and improving your stroke to swim more efficient, or a ex-Olympic swimmer who wants to stay in shape, we have a work-out for you!! And don't forget we also have lots of social events!

The North Toronto Pool is the Club's main pool with strong emphasis on high end swimming. Havergal is going to have a few lanes set aside for high end swimming, but the majority of the emphasis is going to be stroke improvement and swimming efficiency for Tri-athletes. You can see more information on how we coach Triathletes in the pool at the Masters Swimming Canada Website!

To prevent overcrowding at any one pool this season, everyone's membership is going to be specific to one of our 2 pools. The North Toronto Pool; 3 workouts a week - Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays, Havergal Pool; 2 workouts a week - Tuesday and Thursdays. There are limited crossover memberships.

Work out times for the 2016/17 Season:

  • North Toronto Memorial Community Centre: Monday and Wednesdays 8:45PM to 10:00PM, Saturdays 7:45AM to 9:15AM. Very inexpensive indoor parking ($2.00) is available at the Centre.
  • Havergal College: Tuesday and Thursdays 8:15PM to 9:45PM. Free parking is provided.


* Membership runs from early mid September to mid June and includes Master Swim Ontario registration, which covers insurance while you are swimming and also entitles you to participate in sanctioned Masters Swim Meets throughout the world.

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