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Club Etiquette

NT swimmers range in their ability and fitness level, from the not so fast to the seriously fast swimmers. Please follow these guidelines in order to make workout sessions safer and more pleasurable for all swimmers.

 LANE DESIGNATIONS: We go from fastest to not so fast. Please try to stay in the lane with swimmers of similar abilities and speed. This is especially important when there are more than 2 swimmers in a lane, and there is a circular movement pattern within the lane.

ENTERING A LANE: Pick a lane compatible with your speed. Notify the swimmers you are entering the lane. Please don't dive, jump or push off into the oncoming swimmers. If the swimmers are in the middle of a set, you may want to wait till the beginning of the next set to enter the lane.

ENTERING A LANE - DURING A WORKOUT SET: If there is a workout set in progress, when entering a circular pattern lane, please stay within the set that is in progress. It is not allowed to start a new or your own set while the other swimmers are in the middle of another set.

SWIMMING PATTERN: If there are only 2 swimmers in a lane, the swimmers may choose to split a lane, where each swimmer keeps to their own side of the lane. You may also choose to swim in a circular pattern. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that the other swimmer(s) in your lane are aware of it. If there are 3 or more swimmers in a lane, swimmers must swim in a circular pattern. Each lane to the next goes clockwise to counter-clockwise. Please be aware of veering too far into the middle of the lane. The swimmers coming from the opposite direction are not likely to see you and can collide with you and the middle of the lane needs to be clear for passing.

WORKOUT SETS: When there is a circular pattern in your lane, stay within the workout set. If you have gotten lapped, don't insist on the last lap. Forego the lap, and stay within the sets as best as you can. Do not change the pace times , unless told so by the Coach on deck.

SPEED: Not so fast swimmers must yield to the faster swimmers in the lane. At the beginning of each set, determine the order of speed among people in your lane, and leave the wall in that order. Please remember that your and other people's speed changes if they use equipment (paddles, fins, drag devices) and adjust the order within your lane to accommodate this.Keep a respectable distance from the person ahead of you.  This allows the lead person room to turn.  Nothing worse than the feeling of being pushed and crowding the end at the turns.

FLIPTURNS: Always move over when you do your flip turn - so that you come off the wall in the correct lane direction.  Many collisions have occurred with people coming off the turn straight down the centre of the pool as the person behind is moving over.

PASSING - DURING FLIPTURNS: Tap the foot of the person in front of you before passing, so they have a chance to give you extra room. If a faster swimmer is closing in on you, and has tapped your foot, as soon as you get to the wall, scoot over to the opposite side of the lane and start your flipturn. The faster swimmer will make a flipturn on the inside, and pass you. It is important to move over to the opposite side of the lane, to give the passing swimmers room to turn safely and avoid collisions. If you are uncomfortable with being passed on the flip turn, it is best to stop at the wall to allow the faster swimmer to pass you. If you are planning to stop at the wall, stop from the direction you were swimming from (stay out of the way as they turn at the wall) and let the other swimmer(s) pass.

PASSING - MID LANE: Due to the width of the lane and other safety reasons, we do not recommend passing mid pool. However if you must: Tap the foot of the person in front of you before passing, so they have a chance to give you extra room. It is not a good idea to pass people in this manner too close to the end of the lane. judge your speed, and use common sense. You need to have enough room to pass, before coming to a wall.


  • At all times be aware of what is going on within your lane.

  • Listen to the coach on how the set is explained. Do not interrupt. If you are talking you are not listening! If you do not understand the set ask questions after.

  • If you need to stop, squeeze into the corner to the direction you have been swimming from, so others will have sufficient room to turn.

  • Try not to kick or swing your arms into another lane while swimming or at the wall.

  • Be on time for the start of the workout. If you are late, and the lane are full, you will have to join the workout at it's current point, rather than from the beginning.

  • If a person in your lane appears unsure of the rules, please bother to explain, in a polite manner.

  • At the end of the distance, make sure you move to the center of the lane to allow other swimmers to finish.

  • Coaches: don't stand in front of the pace clock.

  • There is negativity and then there is positive negativity!

  • The only egos allowed on the deck are the Coaches. Check yours at the showers.