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Coach Doug's Laws of Swimming


Argue For Your Limitations and Sure Enough They are Yours  

The Mind Leads The Body

Chase Your Own Potential

Sometimes you have to lose to remind yourself how to win

For Every Action There is a Reaction

Seek the Path of Least Resistance in the Water

Find the Path of Most Resistance in the Water

To Become Effortless Requires Great Effort

Swimming Hard is Easy, Swimming Fast is Harder

Practice does not make Perfect -  Perfect Practice makes Permanent

You Want to Swim Fast - Then Train Fast

Paralysis Through Heavy Analysis

Shut Up and Listen Then Swim

Never Say Never

Positive Negativity

Don't Sink - Learn to Float

The X-Factor.....

5 Seconds Behind is 5 Seconds Behind

Don't Speed to the Pool!

Swim or Die

Swim to Live

The Older I Get the Faster I Was

If you Can't Beat Them - Out Live Them